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Daily maintenance of injection molding machine

Jun. 11, 2018

1. Ventilate IQT, to clean ventilation filter;

2. Ventilate electrical box, to clean electrical components;

3. To clean disc drive;

4. To check voltage;

5. To check cooling effect of heat exchanger; to clean the coolers and its piping; to check the water control of the solenoid valve;

6. To ensure the heating device of drying machine, material tube, and mould temperature machine are doing well; to the check feeding machine can work normally;

7. To lubricate all moving parts;

8. To ensure all oil tube does not leak;

9. To ensure all screws are not loose;

10. To Check all components in the distribution box are good, and to fixing wiring are not loose;

11. To replenish nitrogen pressure and keep it between 0.12—0.13Mpa;

Daily maintenance of injection molding machine

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