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A foreign trade newbies'monologue

Jul. 12, 2020

I just graduated from college. I had two internships. Although there was a job in which I was a manager, I felt that it was not suitable for myself, so I left.At graduation, the school assigned a place for me to attend a cross-border e-commerce training program. Because I don't want to go to Shenzhen and Dongguan,So I have been waiting for a training class in Guangzhou.Before the training class begin, the teacher called to tell me the situation had changed. So I arranged to attend a job fair held by the training institution. At that time, I only interviewed two companies. The first company requires CET6 .due to I paid for all the expenses in college, So I have to work to earn money after class and don't have the time to review the CET6. I will not take the exam after Secondary bare test.

Finally I has been rejected by the first company.suddenly I feel no CET6 is what a pain comprehension. Although I feel a little depressed, I soon adjusted my mood to the second enterprise, which is my current company. The interview went well, the company did not abandon me to be a new hand, and also did not have CET6. Finally I immediately decided to choose this company. The first day, I came to the company . I was looking at the company name of Guangzhou Sunsum plastic products factory. When I stepped into the door of the company, the new journey of my foreign trade was opened. Come on! Have a nice trip! At that time, a colleague for me to introduce the company's products and production environment. Actually, the first day I went to work, I was still a little worried about my English level.

However,In the following training, the stone in my heart finally fell down. As our manager says I'm not afraid to teach you, what are you worried about? That day I heard once again what a director had said to me: every industry needs to be accumulation and precipitation... Yes, I think I will also settle down in the foreign trade business. Today is the second day, I am satisfied with the present work and the company. 

During these two days of internships, I share two of my feelings. First, the company has a abundant strength.It can provide the resources which we need. It also don't care about me such a foreign trade “new hand”. I felt I was lucky.Secondly, I have a boss like my sister and a good colleague who are helpful.They patiently teach me and tell me what needs to be noticed.They led me at work and give me more careful guidance.I hear from a friend of foreign trade said that no one led her at work.I feel very happy.In the end, I hope I can go further and further on the road of foreign trade.

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