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The difference between ABS plastics and PP plastics

Mar. 01, 2019

The difference between ABS plastics and PP plastics

The difference between ABS plastics and PP plastics The difference between ABS plastics and PP plastics

PP plastic, is polypropylene, PP and ABS are both organic materials with small molecules, which are aggregated into macromolecule materials. The composition before polymerization is not the same. ABS has gloss compared with PP. The heat resistance is similar. But PP has good chemical resistance. PP is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic material. New PP materials can be directly contacted with food.

1, density

PP is the smallest of all synthetic resins, only 0.90-0.91g/cm3, which is about 60% of the density of PVC. This means that more products of the same volume can be produced with the same weight of raw materials.

2. Mechanical properties

PP has good tensile strength and rigidity, but poor impact strength, especially at low temperature. In addition, if there is orientation or stress in the forming process, the impact strength will also be significantly reduced. Although the impact strength is poor, its mechanical properties can compete with engineering plastics with higher cost in many fields after modification such as filling or strengthening.

3. Surface Hardness

The surface hardness of PP is lower than that of PE in five kinds of general plastics. When the crystallinity is high, the hardness increases correspondingly, but it is still lower than that of PVC, PS, ABS, etc.

4. Thermal Properties

Compared with ABS, PP has better heat resistance.

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