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The different of PP and PET

Apr. 12, 2019

PP: Polypropylene. It is odorless, tasteless and non-toxic. It is the lightest resin in common use. The mechanical properties are excellent. Good heat resistance, continuous use temperature can reach ll0-120 C. It has good chemical stability and does not interact with most chemicals except strong oxidants.

The different of PP and PET

Water resistance is particularly good. Electrical insulation is excellent. However, it is easy to aging and has poor impact strength at low temperature. The application fields are used to make injection products, films, pipes, sheets, fibers, coatings and so on. Widely used in household appliances, automobiles, chemical industry, construction, light industry and other fields.

PET is a milky white or light yellow, highly crystalline polymer with a smooth and glossy surface. It has excellent physical and mechanical properties in a wide temperature range. The long-term service temperature can reach 120 C. It has excellent electrical insulation. Even at high temperature and high frequency, its electrical performance is still good, but its corona resistance is poor, creep resistance, fatigue resistance, friction resistance and dimensional stability are good.

The different of PP and PET

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